asiansandimportmodels-deactivat said:

i would of never expected you to listen to kpop.. lol

I loveeeee Kpop !!

Anonymous said:

are you a 34 or 36? They look amazing, your surgeon did a good job.

Both depending where I shop for bras but mainly 34 . & thanks he really did :D

Anonymous said:

Can you take a good quality picture of your dragon tattoo on your arm, please? You're very pretty btw! jealous of your body

I have one on my instagram Follow me @vannitysin

Anonymous said:

What size are your implants? I'm thinking about getting them but im not sure what size. I'm really skinny like you, so I dont want to go a size thats too big.

I’m now a D .. They’re 550cc’s silicon , just try on sizes for yourself when you go in for a consultation everyone is different .

Anonymous said:

I saw you the other day at cha2o! I was gonna say hi but you looked too busy talking to your friends. I thought you would look like a cake face in person but you're actually cute lol you should smile more often in your pics tho. Your smile is nice!

Awww well you should’ve came up & said hii ! :)